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St. George Utah is the Capital of Southwestern Utah, the Arizona Strip and a Chunk of Nevada

Where one can be standing on dinosaur tracks on a trail worn down by the Anasazi Indians, followed by immigrant wagon trains, cowboys, sheepherders, and today is a major highway. Over a nearby hill are the remains of a pioneer settlement. One sees the millions of years of geologic history on the multi-colored mountains and cliffs jutting out of the earth, with the art work of the ancients on the smooth rocks at their base.

It is a warm dry place with mild winters where only the strong have survived.

This high desert is a time machine filled with stories, adventure and discovery.

A magnet — attracting scientists, photographers, hikers, hunters, tourist, writers, rock climbers, artists, and all other adventures from around the world.

Many stay — creating a population of unusual talent and experience.

This web site is about the possibilities that can be found by those who live and visit here.

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cartoon of me setting in a tub
Showers are for singers - Tubs are for Thinkers
Me sitting at my desk

Useless Habits

Habits can be good or bad, or somewhere in between. We are admonished to replace bad habits with good ones. An admonition that is easer said then done.

Habits are safe, useful and both good and bad, because we know what to do without thinking. Thinking, there’s the rub. Thinking is hard, takes time and breaks the habitual flow.

Sometimes habits are useless.

I have been using Adobe Dreamweaver for over ten years, enjoying the benefits of the parodic upgrades in spite of the usual small painful stretch.

I could use Dreamweaver with my eyes closed on my duel screens. Sometimes, showing off if a visitor was looking over my shoulder while I was working on a web site, bouncing between boxes on the two screens creating web magic.

For years web-masters have cried for adobe to fix the “Live View” window in Dreamweaver and make it a real live view — a very difficult task.

With two upgrades in the past months Adobe has done it and changed the entire workflow of the site.

Leaving me with a stack of useless habits. I was like a master buggy driver suddenly required to drive a car.

I attempted to make a simple change to this website that previously took a few seconds. As someone once said “all ___ broke loose!”. Three hours later the change was finally made.

Hours of unlearning and relearning followed.

Oh, how we fall-in-love with our habits.

Cars are better then buggies and I’ll be happier when I catch-up.

I’m still catching-up. Be patience. I’m in the middle of a major update on this website, that will help you discover the adventure of life here in he Land Where The earth Meets The Sky.

Carpe Diem,

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Photo of streetcar cast in rehersal
DSU Theatre's "A Streetcar Named Desire" cast in rehersal. Play open Jan 29th
Photo of dress rehearsal
Dress Rehearsal

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Cell Phoneites?
Cartoon: Hewey says, "Did ya make any New Year's Resolutions? Dewey answers, Yup, not to make any.

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