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Randy Anderson Band to perform at OC Tanner Amphitheater in Springdale

Love to dance? Love country music? Lace up your boots and prepare to tear up the dance floor at the OC Tanner Amphitheater 7:30pm Saturday night, August 2nd. Randy Anderson is back with his hugely popular, energetic and swinging show. There will be dancing in the pit, good food and music all evening. Summer concerts don’t get any better! The nights cool off and the scenery can't be beat. More➤

Upcoming Concert Schedule:
Sat Aug16 – Utah Symphony Orchestra – SOLD OUT
Sat Aug 23 – Brodie Perry – Broadway under the stars
Sat Aug 30 – Classic Country Band

Water-Wise Gardening Workshops

10-11 am
Tonaquint Nature Center
1851 South Sixie Dr, St. George, UT
Free - 435-673-3617

Edible Landscapes - Sat Jul 28
This workshop is about designing a landscape to feed your family. Rick Sullivan, a local horticulture expert from Sandia Nursery, will teach on how to incorporate edible plants into your landscape…taking it from your yard to your table.

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Summer Regional Theatre At It's Best
The Utah Shakespeare Festival 2014

The Fun of Seeing the Festival in Three Days

Avoid Contact With Wild Animals

The Southwest Utah Public Health Department (SWUPHD) is reminding residents to use caution around wild or stray animals; especially if they appear sick, aggressive, or are easily approached.

"If a wild animal is passive enough to let you get close, it's probably a good idea to back off and keep your distance," says Dr. David Blodgett, SWUPHD Health Officer. "Some animal species in our area can carry diseases such as rabies, tularemia, or plague. Human cases are rare, but the risk increases with close contact."

Diseases found in local wild animal populations include the following:

Rabies: a virus most often transmitted through the bite of an infected wild animal; including bats, raccoons, foxes, and skunks. Medical care should not be delayed if there are any wound resulting from an animal attack.

Plague: a bacterial disease infamous for killing million during the Middle Ages, potentially spread to humans from infected rodents (such as prairie dogs and squirrels) through fleas or by handling an infected animal. Prompt treatment with antibiotics is effective.

Tularemia: a potentially serious illness from a bacteria found in rodents and rabbits; spread by handling infected carcasses, ingesting contaminated food or water, or bites from infected deer flies and other insects. Treated with antibiotics.

Hantavirus: spread through contact with infected rodents (especially the deer mouse in southern Utah) or their urine and droppings. Prevented by rodent control and safe clean-up practices.

West Nile virus has also been detected in area mosquito populations. While most humans who are infected experience no symptoms, serious illness can result in some cases. Prevent mosquito bites by wearing repellent and long-sleeved clothing, avoiding being outdoors during dusk and dawn hours, and emptying standing water on your property.


Regional Forester Nora Rasure today announced restrictions on the use of explosives and exploding targets on National Forests and Grasslands within the Intermountain Region of the Forest Service.

“This closure order is necessary to protect the health and safety of users of the National Forest and Grasslands within the Intermountain Region,” said Regional Forester Rasure.

Explosives and exploding targets are designed to explode when shot with a rifle; the resulting explosions have been known to cause wildfires when conditions are right.

The closure order includes National Forest System lands in the states of Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming administered within the Intermountain Region as National Forests (NF), including: Ashley NF, Dixie NF, Fishlake NF, Manti-La Sal NF, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache NF, Boise, NF, Caribou-Targhee NF, Payette NF, Salmon-Challis NF, Sawtooth NF, Bridger-Teton NF, and Humboldt-Toiyabe NF.

The closure order will be in effect for one year, from July 23, 2014 until July 22, 2015.

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