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The Top 15 Most-Searched Costume Themes of 2014, in order: (seven are movie themes)

  1. Frozen – 1,192,000 (includes searches Elsa, Olaf & other characters)
  2. Zombie – 863,000
  3. Ninja – 863,000
  4. Pirate – 796,000
  5. Clown – 659,000
  6. Witch – 588,000
  7. Vampire – 565,000
  8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) – 536,000
  9. Book of Life – 308,000 (includes searches for "day of the dead")
  10. Flapper – 277,000
  11. Batman – 251,000
  12. Despicable Me – 233,000 (78% of related searches for minion characters)
  13. Maleficent – 227,000
  14. Monster High – 206,000
  15. Star Wars – 148,000

News lady dsys: After the commercial our ace reporter will tell you everything he dosen't know about the latest Ebola Scare.
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How to Find Fun On St. George Utah's Main Street

You will Find more Adventure here then meet the eye.

My Cell phone Adventure

Cell Phoneites?

A Three Day Dramatic Marathon

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cartoon of me setting in a tub I've been setting in my tub again— thinking Please read➤ and tell me if I'm all wet.